Whatever, Linda

Hourlong Serialized Cable Dramatic Comedy

Bell Media

EP: Graeme Manson (“Snowpiercer”, “Orphan Black”)

Synopsis: It's 1978 and Linda Thoroughbred is broke, divorced and past 30. But when life hands her another lemon, she makes... millions. Watch one woman take on Wall Street and level the playing field in this Ponzi scheme dramedy inspired by the real-life events of the Bernie Madoff scandal.

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Half hour Serialized Cable Dramatic Comedy

In development with Amy & Tassie Cameron (“Rookie Blue”, Mary Kills People”, “Little Dog”) of Cameron Pictures, Patrick O’Sullivan (“Letterkenney”) of High Dive Media, as well as my company Long Reach.

Synopsis: 30 year old Jeannie lives, works, loves, worries, dreams and fucks in Toronto. She also care-gives for her father Fred, 65, after he suffers a sudden stroke, in this story about belonging, loneliness, and one woman’s attempt at rebuilding her life — and family — from scratch, in the abnormal context of parental role-reversal. Based on a true story.

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Queen City

Half Hour Serialized Comedy

In development with Northwood Entertainment (“Anne with an E”) and co-created with Anubha Momin.

Synopsis: After 7 years abroad, 3 years estranged from her mother and 6 months post-divorce, Bengali-Canadian Asha returns to live with her mom in their family home. Together, these two polar opposites grapple with what it means to be daughter, mother, and single women, in this trans-generational story set against the backdrop of queer queen west.