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 My older sister calls me Teensy Wiener. ‘Cus I’m so teensy. This is me (accurate), illustrated by my sister. It’s a personal brand, of sorts. I have it on coffee mugs, my cellphone case, hats. Yep.

You know it’s me because of the eyelashes, duh.

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 4.44.02 PM.png

I also have this character I really like to play.

Her name is mrngprsn (morning person) and she’s got shit to SAY.


Also, when I was on set as CYBORG X-TREME (Airiam) on Star Trek: Discovery, it was very hard to eat.

SEE FOR YOURSELF in dis video… . . . . . .. . . . .. … …

(^morse code)

(aka Morris’ cod)

(aakkaa i told you this was a ‘wacky shit’ page. you have no one to blame but yourself)


I also was in the Schleswig-Holstein area of Germany this summer attending Wacken, the biggest metal fest in Europe.

This video sums it up…